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Chestnut Park Real Estate Ltd. Chestnut Park Blog
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Sandy Waldie (nee Carter) was born in Toronto and educated at Havergal College and then studied Economics at Queen's University. Shortly thereafter she relocated to Muskoka where her love of the lakes she had known since childhood further flourished as she embarked on a career of selling cottages.

Since that time Sandy has been the premier listing and selling waterfront real estate agent on Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau and Lake Joseph. Consistently the top performing sales representative for Chestnut Park Real Estate Ltd Port Carling Muskoka, Sandy diligently caters to all price points of the marketplace. Her dedication to her clients is immeasurable as is her depth of knowledge of the current and historic Muskoka cottage real estate market including it's residents both seasonal and year round. Having grown up in Toronto and having been a full time Muskoka resident for many years, Sandy maintains strong ties to both communities.

As the decades have unfolded and changes have occurred the one thing that has remained steadfast is Sandy Waldie's sincere commitment to her Muskoka real estate and cottage country clients both past, present, and future as she seeks to evolve and adapt her core business model to ever changing demographics and lifestyles. Integrity, dedication, discretion and excellence are the cornerstones of Sandy personally and professionally. It is her passion, energy and understanding for Muskoka that she brings to every real estate moment which maintains her reputation as the vibrant and engaging leading Muskoka lakes sales agent. Sandy offers a commitment to the finest, as well as a commitment to you.

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